Our Products

  • Long history
    We have a forty-year experience in production of high precision optical sights; red-dot sight and riflescopes.
  • Lighting system
    We are a pioneer in development of three-tone (Black-Red-Green) illuminated reticle, which is applied to our riflescopes.
  • Made in Japan
    All products that we manufacture consist of Japanese parts, even a small screw.
  • High quality
    We have been offering our high quality products to a global market, and receiving great appreciation from users.
  • Reticle
    We authentically succeeded to production and sales of its riflescopes as well as red-dot sights. We provide you with high-performance riflescopes in which high-precision glass-sandwich reticles are assembled.
  • Ability
    We have good capacity to fulfill client’s requirement to develop any types of red-dot sights and riflescopes.